Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Still hanging around 166.5 again seems I go up a pound then back down.. I'm not conerned or worried, I'm doing everything I am suppose to, haven't gone off track not once since I got the band, so think the differences are water wt..  Still very happy with it. My plan was to get to 175 before I left for vacation which is Friday ( tomorrow busy packing, gettng things ready for trip ) so I really almost lost 10 pounds more so can't complain at all.. 

I have been thinking lately how much of my life is about counting.. I count calories, carbs, protein,oz's, reps, sugars, how much I burn, etc.I spend my whole day counting something. I don't ever seem to stop, kinda of funny really..

I won't be posting when I'm on vacation so this will be my last post for awhile..

wish me luck.. I'm so scaried I will go off track.. I've tried to make sure I stay as close to my diet as I possible can. I'm headed to the store either today or tomorrow to pick up carrots,celery, tomatoes, for out trip. I've already put my jerky in 1 oz servings so they are ready to go.. Not taking any chips or anything like that. I thought migh pick up some single pkgs of nuts to have for my evening snack, but a bit worried about the salt and travel.. So we will see. I will have my w/w string cheese with me, so that might be the better opition for me.

Well, have a great few weeks.

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