Thursday, August 30, 2012


Finally hit 155.5, just down .5 from but still down..

I did change my floor workouts a bit, now today I can't move my legs.. I also decided to cut back 1 day a week on excercise, so today I'm not working out.. I going to try and not work out on Thursday's and Saturday's as they are my busy day's of the week..  I really feel that 5 days a week is better for me. My body was real tired after 6 day work outs, so I will give this a try and see how my wt and body feels.

Have a good one!! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I'm so frustated!!!!  My wt just doesn't seem to be moving at all.. I keep being between 156 to 157, today, 157..
Every Wednesday I do my totals. How much I've lost since heaviest, how much lost since surgery, how much lost for the week. This week it was up 0.5, that's the first time this has ever happened to me. I have always either lost wt or stayed the same, never gone up any. Now, .5 is nothing and I bet if I go upstairs rt now and weighed myself it would be down .5 but I still don't like it.
My dr. goal for me is 150 and  I just want to get there.. It's going on 3 weeks and the scales have not moved, just don't get it.. I still eating between 600 to 800 cal. I'm working out 5 day's a week, ( which is different, was doing 6 days, but I must say I feel a lot better, those 6 day's drained me )..
I think part of the problem is, I'm working out fine, 1 hour on treadmill and doing wts, pilates, floor excercises and rope, but I'm not really moving any other time.. Unless of course I'm cleaning house, or taking the dog out, etc.. I need to move more.. I have been real hungry since back from vacation, but I've not gone off my diet.. I do eat Artic Zero at night around 7 pm, I don't eat anything passed 8pm, but that's only 50 cal for 1/2 cup. The serving sizes say's 37 cal for 1/2c cup, but they say the pint gets 4 servings out of it, but when I do it and scoop out 1/2 cup I only get 3 servings out of it, so I just add the difference... It's easier to make sure my calories correct..

Well, thats it for today, be being bummed over .5 pds, too bad I never got bummed over all the wt I gained over the years, lol!!

Monday, August 27, 2012


Getting so frustated about my wt.. It's still hanging around 156 to 157, why??? I'm still doing everything I'm suppose too. I've not gone off the diet or cheated once, so don't get it. Maybe part of it was I was on vacation and didn't stop once. Now I'm home I have more time just chilling, I don't know but I see the dr next week so we will see what happens. I know part  of it is me not being patient too.  I have lost 12.5 since being vacation so that's real good, just don't like have the scales have not really moved since I've been home..

I am working out 5 days a week.. I even ran 30 mins yesterday with 1 min runs, which was new for me. I usually do 30 sec runs and walk 30 secs but yesterday I did 1 min runs with 1 min walks, felt good..

Today, will be doing laundry, come light cleaning and excercise, not the funniest day on the planet but it's another day.

Happy Monday!!

P.S  I did buy my first pair of size 8 jeans over the weekend.. I little tight but not too tight you can't ware them. I got two pairs and the second pair fits better then the first, so onwards and upwards we go..

wt today 156.5

Friday, August 24, 2012


Happy Friday!!

Well again I'm stuck between 156.5 and 158.. Since I've been back from vacation that's where I've been.. I don't understand why, but it's the truth.. I'm eating like I always do, I'm excercising 5 day's a week, yes! I cut back one day, but I noticed my body feels better at 5 day work out, so I guess I can only keep doing what I'm doing and see.. I see the P. A on the 5th so we will see.. I know I want a fill because since I've been back I've been so hungry, I could eat just about anything. I've not gone off course except maybe eating a pickle with my dinner, but the pickle had no calories so not sure how that works.. Not sure how a pickle can not have calories since cucumbers do????  but I ate one along with a 1/4 cup of salad and 2 oz of mahi burger patty ( Love those they are 140 cal for the whole 4 oz patty and I have half for lunch and half for dinner ) for my dinner, so the pickle was the only thing I ate that was different. I know I have done well with my diet.. I've lost a complete 107.5 pounds from my heaviest give or take depending on the wt for the day and 93.5  from surgery which was Feb 8th 2012 so not bad at all, so guess I really can't complain. The cooler weather is coming too so that will help with water retension too.. Plus I'm not moving around as much as I was when we where on vacation. I didn't seat down hardly at all the whole time we were gone, so I had good work outs.. I'm working out over 600 cal burned each day I work out, with 550 to 620 cal ( not including crystal light drinks which is around 4 to 6 a day ) intake for the day. So most day's I am working out more cal burned then eating which is good right????  Not sure how this all works. The cal burned does not include the times I workout on the floor, wts, rope or do my pilates machine which I do the before I get on the treadmill.. I do 50 sets each on pilates machine, I do 40 sets on the floor and 40 sets with the wts, and 30 sets with the rope, so not sure how much I burn with those..  Well, speaking for excercise need to go work out..

Have  a great weekend

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Wow!!! today is my 28th week from surgery.. Can't believe it.. It's been 7 months all ready..

Since that time I have lost a total of 107.5 pounds from my heaviest and 93.5 pounds from surgery.. I feel so much better, lighter, healthier, happier, the only down side is the wrinkles, lol!! guess having all that fat makes your skin streached out so the wrinkles aren't there, now they're there, but that's ok..

I've gone from taking 13 pills a day to 4 ( not including vits ). I'm in  a solid 10 pant, large to xl shirt, probably could fit into a med, but like my tops a bit on the loose side.. I'm just real happy where I am.. I love how much happier I am.. I hated myself before. I never left the house, never wanted to go or do anything because I was still ashamed of how I looked.. I still feel that way sometimes, a lot has to do with the fact that starting at the age of 29 I starting losing my hair.. I'm now have very little hair on top of my head, but you know what?? now I don't care anymore.. It still bothers me at times and I go back and forth as to weather or not I want to buy a wig, but right now I'm not going to worry about it. Right now I'm enjoying the wt lose and loving every second of it.  I can't do anything about my hair other then the wig, but I'm healthy and that's all that matters to me right now.. I will deal with my hair another day.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Well, life is back to semi normal.. Been busy getting house in order after our vacation. Laundry done, house semi clean, animals back to semi normal.. Our cat has been sick all day today, not sure why?? will keep an eye open and see if I need to take her to the vet.. THink it might be over eating. I don't think they feed her at the kennel like we do, so we will see.

WT.. Since I've been back I have been from 156.5 to 158. Seems the cooler the weather, the smaller the number.. So back retaining water as usual. When we were in Mt, didn't retain water at all, even though it was hot, it wasn't humid there like here so that's the reason I'm sticking too, lol!! 

I worked out for the first time since being back. Did my pilates machine, did some floor stuff and 1 hr on the treadmill. I left my wts and rope in the truck so will have to do those later  when hubby gets home.. I did walk everyday while in Mt, so really the only time I didn't do anything was the three day's it took to get there and three day's it took to get home, so I walked every day for 14 days, so that's still pretty good. Let's not mentions the walking we did at the national parks, taking grand daughter to park and yellowstone, so all in all feel pretty good that I still lost 7 pounds while gone and kept up some kind of excercise..

Not much else going on today.. Have to head out and pick up a few things, work out is done and out of the way, so have the rest of the day to myself until hubby arrives from work.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hello Everyone!!

Back from vacation.. Had a wonderful time with my daughter and grandkids, just sad to leave them behind.. I so wish we weren't so far away, but working on trying to get closer..

Well, today I weighed 158.5, which means I lost 7 pounds on vacation.. Yeppeeeeeeeeeee!!! So proud of myself.. I did't go off course not once..I counted everything I ate and drank and didn't get one thing I wasn't suppose too.. It was hard, but that's ok, nothing in life that's worth anything is easy.. I'm in a sold size 10.. I had to go out and buy some clothes when I first arrived,  because I just purchased some clothes for the trip before I left, but didn't try them back on until I got there. Well, I put them on and they fell off.. So had to run out and get some stuff, shame isn't it? Lol!

Well, I don't have much to say right now, because we just got back yesterday and I'm tired and have loads of laundry to do..

I will say, my daughter cried when she saw me ( she still doesn't know about the surgery ) because she thought I was sick and had lost wt because I had something wrong with me.. It was so sweet and so loving of her..

 Take care,