Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I'm so frustated!!!!  My wt just doesn't seem to be moving at all.. I keep being between 156 to 157, today, 157..
Every Wednesday I do my totals. How much I've lost since heaviest, how much lost since surgery, how much lost for the week. This week it was up 0.5, that's the first time this has ever happened to me. I have always either lost wt or stayed the same, never gone up any. Now, .5 is nothing and I bet if I go upstairs rt now and weighed myself it would be down .5 but I still don't like it.
My dr. goal for me is 150 and  I just want to get there.. It's going on 3 weeks and the scales have not moved, just don't get it.. I still eating between 600 to 800 cal. I'm working out 5 day's a week, ( which is different, was doing 6 days, but I must say I feel a lot better, those 6 day's drained me )..
I think part of the problem is, I'm working out fine, 1 hour on treadmill and doing wts, pilates, floor excercises and rope, but I'm not really moving any other time.. Unless of course I'm cleaning house, or taking the dog out, etc.. I need to move more.. I have been real hungry since back from vacation, but I've not gone off my diet.. I do eat Artic Zero at night around 7 pm, I don't eat anything passed 8pm, but that's only 50 cal for 1/2 cup. The serving sizes say's 37 cal for 1/2c cup, but they say the pint gets 4 servings out of it, but when I do it and scoop out 1/2 cup I only get 3 servings out of it, so I just add the difference... It's easier to make sure my calories correct..

Well, thats it for today, be being bummed over .5 pds, too bad I never got bummed over all the wt I gained over the years, lol!!

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