Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hello Everyone!!

Back from vacation.. Had a wonderful time with my daughter and grandkids, just sad to leave them behind.. I so wish we weren't so far away, but working on trying to get closer..

Well, today I weighed 158.5, which means I lost 7 pounds on vacation.. Yeppeeeeeeeeeee!!! So proud of myself.. I did't go off course not once..I counted everything I ate and drank and didn't get one thing I wasn't suppose too.. It was hard, but that's ok, nothing in life that's worth anything is easy.. I'm in a sold size 10.. I had to go out and buy some clothes when I first arrived,  because I just purchased some clothes for the trip before I left, but didn't try them back on until I got there. Well, I put them on and they fell off.. So had to run out and get some stuff, shame isn't it? Lol!

Well, I don't have much to say right now, because we just got back yesterday and I'm tired and have loads of laundry to do..

I will say, my daughter cried when she saw me ( she still doesn't know about the surgery ) because she thought I was sick and had lost wt because I had something wrong with me.. It was so sweet and so loving of her..

 Take care,

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