Monday, August 20, 2012


Well, life is back to semi normal.. Been busy getting house in order after our vacation. Laundry done, house semi clean, animals back to semi normal.. Our cat has been sick all day today, not sure why?? will keep an eye open and see if I need to take her to the vet.. THink it might be over eating. I don't think they feed her at the kennel like we do, so we will see.

WT.. Since I've been back I have been from 156.5 to 158. Seems the cooler the weather, the smaller the number.. So back retaining water as usual. When we were in Mt, didn't retain water at all, even though it was hot, it wasn't humid there like here so that's the reason I'm sticking too, lol!! 

I worked out for the first time since being back. Did my pilates machine, did some floor stuff and 1 hr on the treadmill. I left my wts and rope in the truck so will have to do those later  when hubby gets home.. I did walk everyday while in Mt, so really the only time I didn't do anything was the three day's it took to get there and three day's it took to get home, so I walked every day for 14 days, so that's still pretty good. Let's not mentions the walking we did at the national parks, taking grand daughter to park and yellowstone, so all in all feel pretty good that I still lost 7 pounds while gone and kept up some kind of excercise..

Not much else going on today.. Have to head out and pick up a few things, work out is done and out of the way, so have the rest of the day to myself until hubby arrives from work.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday

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