Friday, August 24, 2012


Happy Friday!!

Well again I'm stuck between 156.5 and 158.. Since I've been back from vacation that's where I've been.. I don't understand why, but it's the truth.. I'm eating like I always do, I'm excercising 5 day's a week, yes! I cut back one day, but I noticed my body feels better at 5 day work out, so I guess I can only keep doing what I'm doing and see.. I see the P. A on the 5th so we will see.. I know I want a fill because since I've been back I've been so hungry, I could eat just about anything. I've not gone off course except maybe eating a pickle with my dinner, but the pickle had no calories so not sure how that works.. Not sure how a pickle can not have calories since cucumbers do????  but I ate one along with a 1/4 cup of salad and 2 oz of mahi burger patty ( Love those they are 140 cal for the whole 4 oz patty and I have half for lunch and half for dinner ) for my dinner, so the pickle was the only thing I ate that was different. I know I have done well with my diet.. I've lost a complete 107.5 pounds from my heaviest give or take depending on the wt for the day and 93.5  from surgery which was Feb 8th 2012 so not bad at all, so guess I really can't complain. The cooler weather is coming too so that will help with water retension too.. Plus I'm not moving around as much as I was when we where on vacation. I didn't seat down hardly at all the whole time we were gone, so I had good work outs.. I'm working out over 600 cal burned each day I work out, with 550 to 620 cal ( not including crystal light drinks which is around 4 to 6 a day ) intake for the day. So most day's I am working out more cal burned then eating which is good right????  Not sure how this all works. The cal burned does not include the times I workout on the floor, wts, rope or do my pilates machine which I do the before I get on the treadmill.. I do 50 sets each on pilates machine, I do 40 sets on the floor and 40 sets with the wts, and 30 sets with the rope, so not sure how much I burn with those..  Well, speaking for excercise need to go work out..

Have  a great weekend

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