Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I did it!!!!   I hit my goal yesterday, so excited!

First let me go over my stats..

I starte pre liquid diet Jan 25 2012
I had lapband surgery Feb 8th 2012

My highest wt was 264
My wt day of surgery 250
My first goal wt was 145/ then I changed it to 140 which I met on 10/20/12

So I've lost a total of 124 pds from my heaviest and
I've lost a total of  110 pds from surgery

I can't believe I'm here. It's been hard at times, not so hard at other times. I have tried to reflect on the how's and why's of my journey. How I got heavy? I was never one of these ppl who binge ate or someone who could eat a whole of anything. I ate 3 meals a day and a snack at 8 pm. I only had desserts on Saturday. I think most of my problem came from going out to eat a lot and the volume of food I would eat. I always would try and pick healthy choices but I also would eat more then I should of the meal.. I also never excercised. I'm very much a home body, still am so moving myself only happend on weekends. Yes! I cleaned my house and did those things but never much more then that..

I'm still reflecting, trying to learn, try to change the how's and why's so I never ever go back to 264.

Very Very grateful for my band