Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Still hanging around 166.5 again seems I go up a pound then back down.. I'm not conerned or worried, I'm doing everything I am suppose to, haven't gone off track not once since I got the band, so think the differences are water wt..  Still very happy with it. My plan was to get to 175 before I left for vacation which is Friday ( tomorrow busy packing, gettng things ready for trip ) so I really almost lost 10 pounds more so can't complain at all.. 

I have been thinking lately how much of my life is about counting.. I count calories, carbs, protein,oz's, reps, sugars, how much I burn, etc.I spend my whole day counting something. I don't ever seem to stop, kinda of funny really..

I won't be posting when I'm on vacation so this will be my last post for awhile..

wish me luck.. I'm so scaried I will go off track.. I've tried to make sure I stay as close to my diet as I possible can. I'm headed to the store either today or tomorrow to pick up carrots,celery, tomatoes, for out trip. I've already put my jerky in 1 oz servings so they are ready to go.. Not taking any chips or anything like that. I thought migh pick up some single pkgs of nuts to have for my evening snack, but a bit worried about the salt and travel.. So we will see. I will have my w/w string cheese with me, so that might be the better opition for me.

Well, have a great few weeks.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Happy Saturday!!  Just a quick stop in today since it's Saturday and Saturday's are always date day with hubby..

Wt 167. Only 3 more pounds to go and I've lost 100.. Don't think I can get the 3 off before I leave so I might be hanging around this wt for sometime since I leave on Friday for Vacation..  Hope not, but I'm not going to worry about it.. I want to enjoy my vacation without to much worry about the scale. I will not go off my meal plan, but I'm just not sure about the excercise.. Hopefully, walking and playing with grandkids will help with that..

Well, have a great weekend..

Thursday, July 19, 2012



Wt still 169..  I had my 6 month check up yesterday.. It went great.. My dietician was really happy with my results and she said for a band pt, I'm doing extremely well at this point of my process.. My excercise guy, said he has never seen a band pt lose so much at this point.. He was blown away.. I told him I've known ppl who have done it, but he said he hasn't so just allow him to be proud of me, thought that was nice.. I decided to get fill, been having small issues and I just wanted .5cc put in, well the dr didn't listen to me and she put in 1cc and I didn't know it until after it was all done.. She said she could go back in and take some out and I told her to leave it alone. I sometimes think my P. A is a bit of a scatter brain.. She confuses me when she talks because she is always messing up and having to explain herself and then I get lost it what she is trying to say. I find it annoying.. 
I have noticed a huge difference with this 1cc in. Not sure I like it.. I really have to slow down now. I'm on liquids for 24hrs, that's it.. They don't require mushies after the liquid stage, so I have until 4 pm today.. We will see what happens when I eat.. I need to figure this out before I go on vacation.. It feels really tight and uncomfortable right now so not sure I want to feel that way on vacation. I wanted a little fill because I was being to not be satisfied with my food. I was hungry more and more often and I just don't want to get off track..
But this feels to tight.. I'm not having to much of an issue drinking, but I have noticed I need to slow it down, have few sips and wait awhile longer during sips, so maybe that's a good thing??  I will give it tell the weekend and if I don't feel better by Monday I will call. I leave next friday so the window is short for me. I probably should have left things alone until I got back, but I was so worried I would get off track.. I'll wait and see..

I did  ask what my goal wt should be and she told me they calucated 150. which still puts me in the overweight cat. ?? don't get that at all.. I would like 140 would settle for 145 which is just on the edge.. So we will see.  I know I don't have to much to go, but the journey then will just being..

Take care,

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


He is here, Our new grandson..  It was a surprise since he wasn't due until Aug 2nd, but he and mother are healthy and very very happy so that's all that matters. I was sad I wasn't there,but will be in 10 days, so I really have something to look forward too..

My wt today is 169. I am 5 pounds away from losing 100 pounds.. Wow! unreal.. I can't believe it.. I'm sure the 5 pounds will take forever to come off, but that's ok..
Changing my excercise and eating a small bit has really help jump start my wt loss again. It really was slow there for a bit, now it it coming off like it used to.. I find if my excercise number is higher then my calorie intake the wt comes off much faster too.. Really happy will the progress of done so far.. My goal was to get to 175 before I leave to go on vacation, but it looks like I will exceed that and maybe even make it to 165, even though I think that doubtful..

I really have to get in and get my rings adjusted.. I can barely keep them on, it's that fun.

Yesterday, I was sitting thinking. Since I'm alone most day's I do spend a get deal of time thinking. T
How did I ever get here?? How at one point in my life I thought 175 was fat?? What happened to me?? I really am trying to figure it all out.. I was never the kind of person who would seat infront of the tv and eat. I would never eat whole pizzas ( two slices were all I could take ). I would only eat desserts on Saturday. I allowed my self 1 candy bar a week and I would get it at the check out stand when I got our food for the week. I always made healthier food choices when we went out to eat. So how in the world did I get to 264????? Easy, portions! We went out to eat 3 to 4 times per week. I might order a chicken salad, or even salmon salad. My fav salad was fuji apple chicken salad at panera. I would have that every thurdays.. It's the portion size that got me.. I would eat the whole thing.. I was never a fast food junky, except I did like a in and out burger or five guys..  Well, even if I went out and order a salad, those salads were usually between 1200 to 2000 calories maybe even more and you have that at 1 meal, and then have 3 to 4 day's a week. It all adds up. You never really know how many calories something is until you look it up.. I so think putting calories on the menu is such a great important idea, because this way we all can decide if we want to eat that many calories or not, it's still a choice but one I will think twice about before I ever do it again..

Monday, July 16, 2012


Happy Monday!!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.. We pretty much just stayed home, which was nice we usually don't do that on the weekends, but we need to start getting things ready for our drive to Montana..  Can't wait !

Wt today is 170! It's slowly coming pound by pound.. Wish it was faster, but this is the healthy way. I'm headed for another fill on Wednesday. Not sure I really need it, but think I do. I eat a  my portions just fine, but like I've said before, I can keep eating after sometimes, I can drink and chew normal, would like to have a little bit of slowing down when I eat and that's not happening.. I can eat my meal like in 10 mins, if that. So I think getting a tiny fill will be fine for me. I also have to think about the trip and would like a little bit more control on our trip..

Not much else as always.. Told me my life is very boring, unless I have a dr. appt or need to go food shopping I'm home.. No I don't work, so I just hang at home, work out, take care of the pets, etc..

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Today's wt 171.. How that happened is beyond me, but I will take it..  I have changed things up and bit so maybe that's it. My treadmill work outs are a bit different, I also changed what times I eat and got rid of 1 protein shake, so maybe those two things made the scale move. Who knows!! I will keep doing what I'm doing and we will see. It was a very nice surprise though.. I didn't even workout yesterday, except going to the mall and clothes shop, so maybe shopping should be a new excercise, lol!!

I'm finally down into a solid 12 in pants, amazing!!  I danced around the dressing room for a bit, loads of fun.. I'm trying not to buy to many clothes but we are headed on Vacation for 3 weeks here in a few weeks so I so needed some clothes.. I will make due with the 14 ( even though they are big ) size clothes I am in now just I have something to take, they are all new items anyway and I need to get some ware out of them..

I only have about 26 to 31 more pds to go.. I would love to get to 140, but my goal was always 145. If you go on the BMI chart, 145 will make me just at the edge of normal, so I've reset my goal to 140 to give me a little room.

Anyway, below I will list my wt info..

Have a wonderful weekend.

Heaviest wt: 264
Wt day of surgery: 250
Wt lost so far: 93
Wt since surgery: 79

On we go!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Happy Wednesday!!

Wt 172.5..  I had a heart attack today on the scale when I got on it this morning. It said 174??? How?? I took a water pill yesterday, I've been 172.5 for 3 days now ( even saw 171.5 ) so how 174?? I decided to take pj's off and there was 172.5 how my pj's weigh 1.5 pds is beyond me, but it did.. The scale or at least my scale is a funny thing. I can get up pee, weigh be 172.5 then go downstairs, have my tea and then breakfast, come back upstairs to get gym clothes on, weigh myself be 171.5, then later be back to 172.5. It's always all over the place..  Yes!! I go way overboard with the scale, but I like it that way.. I have to know where I'm at, can you say control freak.  

My dr. called about my thyroid yesterday.. Seems I have thyroiditis. No reason why I have it or cause, just do.. She said there is a 30% chance I could develop hypothyroidism so they are going to monitor me and see how I do and take it from there.  Keep fingers crossed all will be well..

Well, not much else going on. I'm headed off to the treadmill and do my hour today. Yesterday I did an hour and half..

Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, July 9, 2012


Happy Monday Everyone!!

Not much going on in my life lately, just hanging about.. We leave for vacation on the 27th so trying to get things ready for that..

Wt, well  I got on the scale today and it said 172.5, crazy.. Of coures I didn't weigh myself again to may make sure what I was seeing was 172.5, but I'm taking it. I've again changed up my workout on the treadmill so maybe that helped???  I also change my eating times a bit. I was eating at 10am brk, then shake at 12, lunch at 2, another shake at 4, dinner at 6 and snack at 8. Now I've been eating brk around 8:30am and going till 2 pm before I had anything solid again was to long, so now I do brk at 8:30, lunch at 12 -12:30, shake at 2, snack at 4, dinner at 6, and snack at 8 and it's really helped me stay full.. I have an appt on the 18th for a fill, I called a few weeks back and made because I was so hungr all the time, but thinking now I've changed my eating I should cancel?? I will give it a few more days and see. I might just get a .5cc put in.. I only have 2.5cc in so I have loads of room to play with..

Well, not much else going on. Have a great week..

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July.. Being a Brit I've never really celebrated Thanksgiving and July 4th.. I did it when my daughter was living at home, but after she moved out to start her new life, I don't really bother anymore.. My husband does't mind. I do cook ( or did not since surgery ) a Thanksgiving meal, but it's small because it's  just usually  hubby and I. Our family isn't close by so it's usually only us for holiday's and to be truthful it's a lot of work for just two people.  We have gone out for July 4th to see fireworks, but with the heat and terrible storm we had a few days ago, staying home was all we wanted to do. We had no electricity for 2 1/2 days and when you have well water and the pumps don't work for water, not fun! Anyway, I do hope everyone had a fun, safe day..

Well today I got on the scale and it said 175.5 then later on I thought I would try again because my first goal was to make it to 175 and low and behold it said 175, so I'm taking it.. I have noticed that my wt is coming off very slow and it's very frustating but it is what it is and I will continue to do what I need to..  I 've dropped 1 protein shake a day and have been trying to figure out good sources of protein that aren't high in calories.  All I've come up with so far is jerky, lol! so I've been having 2oz of jerky as my replacement for my protein shake..I purchased simple bars protein bars and they are not bad, but they seem to elevate my sugars, so I don't eat them very often. They are 16 grams of protein, 2 to 5 grams of sugar and 160 calories, so not bad., 

I found this ice cream called So Delicious Coconut Milk No Sugar Added ice cream.. It's not bad at all, is it ice cream?NO!! but it's  really good sub. I got the chocolate and it kind of tastes like a mounds bar, due to the coconut milk. It's 100 for 1/2cup which is my portion size. It's 1 gram of sugar and it doesn't effect my sugars at all. No real protein though, just 1 gram, but it's a good sub for the hot lazy ice cream days.. It has to be No Sugar Added because they do have other kinds with higher calories, etc... I've also heard about a ice cream called Artic Zero that's suppose to be 150 calories per pint and 14grams of  protein. Haven't tried it yet, but am on the lookout for it. I've been trying to change my diet a bit so I don't get bored, so trying to find good sources of protien that are  low calories and sugar.. I went to Trader Joe's the other day and purchased a few items, chicken burgers, turkey burgers, I eat have of one usually for lunch and the other half for dinner. Not bad, easy to make and salad is already portioned out so it works out well.. I wanted to purchase the egg white salad but either they didn't have it or I just couldn't find it..

I've also changed my excercise up a bit. I'm doing program 4 and 3 one day and doing program 3 twice the next, on the day's I do program 3, I make the treadmill flat  put it on 4 mph and do 15 minute sprints every 30 secs and the last 15 mins I just walk at 4 mph. I will increase the time as time goes bye. My dream is to run, but I have a very bad foot from a old injury when I was a child, it easily breaks, and I have severe arthritis in it now, but I'm trying to give it a go. At least I can say I tried it.. Now! if I can just get my boobs from hurting afterwards that would be great, lol!!  Have a great day!