Monday, July 9, 2012


Happy Monday Everyone!!

Not much going on in my life lately, just hanging about.. We leave for vacation on the 27th so trying to get things ready for that..

Wt, well  I got on the scale today and it said 172.5, crazy.. Of coures I didn't weigh myself again to may make sure what I was seeing was 172.5, but I'm taking it. I've again changed up my workout on the treadmill so maybe that helped???  I also change my eating times a bit. I was eating at 10am brk, then shake at 12, lunch at 2, another shake at 4, dinner at 6 and snack at 8. Now I've been eating brk around 8:30am and going till 2 pm before I had anything solid again was to long, so now I do brk at 8:30, lunch at 12 -12:30, shake at 2, snack at 4, dinner at 6, and snack at 8 and it's really helped me stay full.. I have an appt on the 18th for a fill, I called a few weeks back and made because I was so hungr all the time, but thinking now I've changed my eating I should cancel?? I will give it a few more days and see. I might just get a .5cc put in.. I only have 2.5cc in so I have loads of room to play with..

Well, not much else going on. Have a great week..

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