Tuesday, July 17, 2012


He is here, Our new grandson..  It was a surprise since he wasn't due until Aug 2nd, but he and mother are healthy and very very happy so that's all that matters. I was sad I wasn't there,but will be in 10 days, so I really have something to look forward too..

My wt today is 169. I am 5 pounds away from losing 100 pounds.. Wow! unreal.. I can't believe it.. I'm sure the 5 pounds will take forever to come off, but that's ok..
Changing my excercise and eating a small bit has really help jump start my wt loss again. It really was slow there for a bit, now it it coming off like it used to.. I find if my excercise number is higher then my calorie intake the wt comes off much faster too.. Really happy will the progress of done so far.. My goal was to get to 175 before I leave to go on vacation, but it looks like I will exceed that and maybe even make it to 165, even though I think that doubtful..

I really have to get in and get my rings adjusted.. I can barely keep them on, it's that fun.

Yesterday, I was sitting thinking. Since I'm alone most day's I do spend a get deal of time thinking. T
How did I ever get here?? How at one point in my life I thought 175 was fat?? What happened to me?? I really am trying to figure it all out.. I was never the kind of person who would seat infront of the tv and eat. I would never eat whole pizzas ( two slices were all I could take ). I would only eat desserts on Saturday. I allowed my self 1 candy bar a week and I would get it at the check out stand when I got our food for the week. I always made healthier food choices when we went out to eat. So how in the world did I get to 264????? Easy, portions! We went out to eat 3 to 4 times per week. I might order a chicken salad, or even salmon salad. My fav salad was fuji apple chicken salad at panera. I would have that every thurdays.. It's the portion size that got me.. I would eat the whole thing.. I was never a fast food junky, except I did like a in and out burger or five guys..  Well, even if I went out and order a salad, those salads were usually between 1200 to 2000 calories maybe even more and you have that at 1 meal, and then have 3 to 4 day's a week. It all adds up. You never really know how many calories something is until you look it up.. I so think putting calories on the menu is such a great important idea, because this way we all can decide if we want to eat that many calories or not, it's still a choice but one I will think twice about before I ever do it again..

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