Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Happy Wednesday!!

Wt 172.5..  I had a heart attack today on the scale when I got on it this morning. It said 174??? How?? I took a water pill yesterday, I've been 172.5 for 3 days now ( even saw 171.5 ) so how 174?? I decided to take pj's off and there was 172.5 how my pj's weigh 1.5 pds is beyond me, but it did.. The scale or at least my scale is a funny thing. I can get up pee, weigh be 172.5 then go downstairs, have my tea and then breakfast, come back upstairs to get gym clothes on, weigh myself be 171.5, then later be back to 172.5. It's always all over the place..  Yes!! I go way overboard with the scale, but I like it that way.. I have to know where I'm at, can you say control freak.  

My dr. called about my thyroid yesterday.. Seems I have thyroiditis. No reason why I have it or cause, just do.. She said there is a 30% chance I could develop hypothyroidism so they are going to monitor me and see how I do and take it from there.  Keep fingers crossed all will be well..

Well, not much else going on. I'm headed off to the treadmill and do my hour today. Yesterday I did an hour and half..

Have a great Wednesday!

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