Friday, July 13, 2012


Today's wt 171.. How that happened is beyond me, but I will take it..  I have changed things up and bit so maybe that's it. My treadmill work outs are a bit different, I also changed what times I eat and got rid of 1 protein shake, so maybe those two things made the scale move. Who knows!! I will keep doing what I'm doing and we will see. It was a very nice surprise though.. I didn't even workout yesterday, except going to the mall and clothes shop, so maybe shopping should be a new excercise, lol!!

I'm finally down into a solid 12 in pants, amazing!!  I danced around the dressing room for a bit, loads of fun.. I'm trying not to buy to many clothes but we are headed on Vacation for 3 weeks here in a few weeks so I so needed some clothes.. I will make due with the 14 ( even though they are big ) size clothes I am in now just I have something to take, they are all new items anyway and I need to get some ware out of them..

I only have about 26 to 31 more pds to go.. I would love to get to 140, but my goal was always 145. If you go on the BMI chart, 145 will make me just at the edge of normal, so I've reset my goal to 140 to give me a little room.

Anyway, below I will list my wt info..

Have a wonderful weekend.

Heaviest wt: 264
Wt day of surgery: 250
Wt lost so far: 93
Wt since surgery: 79

On we go!!!

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