Thursday, July 19, 2012



Wt still 169..  I had my 6 month check up yesterday.. It went great.. My dietician was really happy with my results and she said for a band pt, I'm doing extremely well at this point of my process.. My excercise guy, said he has never seen a band pt lose so much at this point.. He was blown away.. I told him I've known ppl who have done it, but he said he hasn't so just allow him to be proud of me, thought that was nice.. I decided to get fill, been having small issues and I just wanted .5cc put in, well the dr didn't listen to me and she put in 1cc and I didn't know it until after it was all done.. She said she could go back in and take some out and I told her to leave it alone. I sometimes think my P. A is a bit of a scatter brain.. She confuses me when she talks because she is always messing up and having to explain herself and then I get lost it what she is trying to say. I find it annoying.. 
I have noticed a huge difference with this 1cc in. Not sure I like it.. I really have to slow down now. I'm on liquids for 24hrs, that's it.. They don't require mushies after the liquid stage, so I have until 4 pm today.. We will see what happens when I eat.. I need to figure this out before I go on vacation.. It feels really tight and uncomfortable right now so not sure I want to feel that way on vacation. I wanted a little fill because I was being to not be satisfied with my food. I was hungry more and more often and I just don't want to get off track..
But this feels to tight.. I'm not having to much of an issue drinking, but I have noticed I need to slow it down, have few sips and wait awhile longer during sips, so maybe that's a good thing??  I will give it tell the weekend and if I don't feel better by Monday I will call. I leave next friday so the window is short for me. I probably should have left things alone until I got back, but I was so worried I would get off track.. I'll wait and see..

I did  ask what my goal wt should be and she told me they calucated 150. which still puts me in the overweight cat. ?? don't get that at all.. I would like 140 would settle for 145 which is just on the edge.. So we will see.  I know I don't have to much to go, but the journey then will just being..

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