Thursday, November 8, 2012


Todays Wt 134

I'm still trying to figure out why on day's I don't work out, I lose more wt then the days I do..

Example:  On 11/1 woke up and my wt was 138. I didn't work out and on 11/2 I woke up and weighed 136.5. I 11/2 I worked out woke up 11/3 and my wt was 138. I worked out 11/3 wt on 11/4 was 136. Worked out on 11/4 woke up on 11/5 wt was 137.5. Worked out 11/5 woke up 11/6 wt was 137. Didn't work out 11/6 or 11/7 woke up this morning and my wt was 134?????    I seem to lose more when not working out then when I do.. It's so odd to me.. It's also not very helpful to feel that you workout isn't doing anything but making you gain or stay where you are. Yet, when you don't work out you lose.
I understand the water wt, I get that, but not how I can lose 2.5 pds in two days, especially since I take a water pill everyday anyway..

Don't get me wrong I love the loss, even though I'm not trying to lose anymore.. I just want to understand what my body is doing so I can keep my motivation for excercising going..

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I did it!!!!   I hit my goal yesterday, so excited!

First let me go over my stats..

I starte pre liquid diet Jan 25 2012
I had lapband surgery Feb 8th 2012

My highest wt was 264
My wt day of surgery 250
My first goal wt was 145/ then I changed it to 140 which I met on 10/20/12

So I've lost a total of 124 pds from my heaviest and
I've lost a total of  110 pds from surgery

I can't believe I'm here. It's been hard at times, not so hard at other times. I have tried to reflect on the how's and why's of my journey. How I got heavy? I was never one of these ppl who binge ate or someone who could eat a whole of anything. I ate 3 meals a day and a snack at 8 pm. I only had desserts on Saturday. I think most of my problem came from going out to eat a lot and the volume of food I would eat. I always would try and pick healthy choices but I also would eat more then I should of the meal.. I also never excercised. I'm very much a home body, still am so moving myself only happend on weekends. Yes! I cleaned my house and did those things but never much more then that..

I'm still reflecting, trying to learn, try to change the how's and why's so I never ever go back to 264.

Very Very grateful for my band

Sunday, September 23, 2012



Wt today 147.5.. I only have 2.5 pds to go to get to my first long time goal, then only 7.5 pds to get to my new goal wt.. I have lost since my heaviest in Jan 2012, 116.5 pds and a total of 102.5 since my surgery on Feb 8th 2012.   It's been so life changing for me.. I have been overwhelmed at times, especially when it comes to clothes. I cleaned out my closet and had a major melt down because nothing fit and I was left with nothing but a few things in my closet. I had no winter coats, no dress clothes, no sweaters, it's so overwhelming to think of the money I now need to spend to get those things.. Some of my clothes have memories attached to them so letting them go was very hard and some I just loved.. I also am having a hard time finding what looks good on me..  I spend most of my adult life wearing clothes that were to big on me, because I didn't like to wear clothes that were to tight to show my fat. So now I'm trying to go more fitted and it's hard.. I so need a stylist, lol!! I'm really not complaining, it's just that I didn't expect to lose this much wt so fast and right before the holiday's. It's just a lot all at once, but I will figure it all out..

Not much else going on.. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday

Take care

Monday, September 17, 2012



Sorry, I've not written in awhile, but to be honest I was waiting for something to happen to write about and today is the day..

Well, today I met my dr. wt loss goal for me. He wanted me to get to 150 and here I am.. I'm so excited I wanted so bad to call his office to tell him, but  didn't want to look stupid.

So, this means I have lost 114 pounds from heaviest and 100 pounds from surgery..So so excited!!  I only have 10 pounds to go.. Unreal!!!  This Wednesday I will be banded 32 weeks, so made his goal in just a few days short of 8 months..  Unbelieveable!! 

What a journey this has been and will continue to be.. Real happy with everything and feel real good too, so that's  more important then anything.. I'm not that sad fat girl anymore.. Think I'm finally finding myself again and to be truthful, I've miss her so much.. 

I wish everyone mush success in your journey as well..

ON Wards and Up Wards..

Friday, September 7, 2012


OMG!!  I got on the scale this  morning and it said, 153.5, yeap that's right 153.5! can't believe it.. I haven't worked out in two days and I still lost. Unbelieveable! Very happy. Of course I didn't go back on the scale and double check it. I saw the number a jumped off and got all excited, that was enough for me, lol! SO, I just have 3.5 pds to go until I reach the goal the dr. set for me. So I'm a happy camper this morning..

Today, I will work out and do my usual workout. So we will see what tomorrow brings.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Today's wt 154.5..  Excited that I'm moving down at some..  I saw my P. A yesterday and she put in 08cc in my band do now I'm at 4.3 cc's.. Totally think this is going to be it for awhile.. Feel a little tight which is good, it's what I wanted but not to tight where it's uncomfortable. She say's I have done so well, that I could start to increase my food a bit to 1 cup.. I told her I wasn't going to do that until I met my goal. Once goal is met I plan I staying at 1 cup for maintenance. She said that was fine, but at least increase my proteins, since my labs came back and I'm real short on protein, which is wierd becuase I've been eating on average between 75 to 95 grans a day anyway. Labs showd my cholesterol whas up so I have to work on that, which I don't get, but oh well labs don't lie.. All I eat is protein and fruits and veggies so how it went up confuses me.. 

I'm on liquids just for 24 hours so I have until 3 pm today, so that's not to bad. They don't require a messy stage, but I like to do just to be safe. So I will watch what I eat until 3 pm friday..

So numbers.

My heaviest 264
Wt day of surgery 250
current wt 154.5
so I've lost a total of 109.5 from my heaviest
I've lost 95.5 from surgery
I'm 4.5 pds away from my dr. goal wt for me
and I'm 14.5 pds away from mine, well actually my goal wt had orginally been 145 so that's 9.5 pds away but I changed it just to be below my bmi not on the edge, so we will see..

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Finally hit 155.5, just down .5 from but still down..

I did change my floor workouts a bit, now today I can't move my legs.. I also decided to cut back 1 day a week on excercise, so today I'm not working out.. I going to try and not work out on Thursday's and Saturday's as they are my busy day's of the week..  I really feel that 5 days a week is better for me. My body was real tired after 6 day work outs, so I will give this a try and see how my wt and body feels.

Have a good one!!