Sunday, September 23, 2012



Wt today 147.5.. I only have 2.5 pds to go to get to my first long time goal, then only 7.5 pds to get to my new goal wt.. I have lost since my heaviest in Jan 2012, 116.5 pds and a total of 102.5 since my surgery on Feb 8th 2012.   It's been so life changing for me.. I have been overwhelmed at times, especially when it comes to clothes. I cleaned out my closet and had a major melt down because nothing fit and I was left with nothing but a few things in my closet. I had no winter coats, no dress clothes, no sweaters, it's so overwhelming to think of the money I now need to spend to get those things.. Some of my clothes have memories attached to them so letting them go was very hard and some I just loved.. I also am having a hard time finding what looks good on me..  I spend most of my adult life wearing clothes that were to big on me, because I didn't like to wear clothes that were to tight to show my fat. So now I'm trying to go more fitted and it's hard.. I so need a stylist, lol!! I'm really not complaining, it's just that I didn't expect to lose this much wt so fast and right before the holiday's. It's just a lot all at once, but I will figure it all out..

Not much else going on.. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday

Take care

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