Monday, September 17, 2012



Sorry, I've not written in awhile, but to be honest I was waiting for something to happen to write about and today is the day..

Well, today I met my dr. wt loss goal for me. He wanted me to get to 150 and here I am.. I'm so excited I wanted so bad to call his office to tell him, but  didn't want to look stupid.

So, this means I have lost 114 pounds from heaviest and 100 pounds from surgery..So so excited!!  I only have 10 pounds to go.. Unreal!!!  This Wednesday I will be banded 32 weeks, so made his goal in just a few days short of 8 months..  Unbelieveable!! 

What a journey this has been and will continue to be.. Real happy with everything and feel real good too, so that's  more important then anything.. I'm not that sad fat girl anymore.. Think I'm finally finding myself again and to be truthful, I've miss her so much.. 

I wish everyone mush success in your journey as well..

ON Wards and Up Wards..

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