Thursday, September 6, 2012


Today's wt 154.5..  Excited that I'm moving down at some..  I saw my P. A yesterday and she put in 08cc in my band do now I'm at 4.3 cc's.. Totally think this is going to be it for awhile.. Feel a little tight which is good, it's what I wanted but not to tight where it's uncomfortable. She say's I have done so well, that I could start to increase my food a bit to 1 cup.. I told her I wasn't going to do that until I met my goal. Once goal is met I plan I staying at 1 cup for maintenance. She said that was fine, but at least increase my proteins, since my labs came back and I'm real short on protein, which is wierd becuase I've been eating on average between 75 to 95 grans a day anyway. Labs showd my cholesterol whas up so I have to work on that, which I don't get, but oh well labs don't lie.. All I eat is protein and fruits and veggies so how it went up confuses me.. 

I'm on liquids just for 24 hours so I have until 3 pm today, so that's not to bad. They don't require a messy stage, but I like to do just to be safe. So I will watch what I eat until 3 pm friday..

So numbers.

My heaviest 264
Wt day of surgery 250
current wt 154.5
so I've lost a total of 109.5 from my heaviest
I've lost 95.5 from surgery
I'm 4.5 pds away from my dr. goal wt for me
and I'm 14.5 pds away from mine, well actually my goal wt had orginally been 145 so that's 9.5 pds away but I changed it just to be below my bmi not on the edge, so we will see..

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