Thursday, November 8, 2012


Todays Wt 134

I'm still trying to figure out why on day's I don't work out, I lose more wt then the days I do..

Example:  On 11/1 woke up and my wt was 138. I didn't work out and on 11/2 I woke up and weighed 136.5. I 11/2 I worked out woke up 11/3 and my wt was 138. I worked out 11/3 wt on 11/4 was 136. Worked out on 11/4 woke up on 11/5 wt was 137.5. Worked out 11/5 woke up 11/6 wt was 137. Didn't work out 11/6 or 11/7 woke up this morning and my wt was 134?????    I seem to lose more when not working out then when I do.. It's so odd to me.. It's also not very helpful to feel that you workout isn't doing anything but making you gain or stay where you are. Yet, when you don't work out you lose.
I understand the water wt, I get that, but not how I can lose 2.5 pds in two days, especially since I take a water pill everyday anyway..

Don't get me wrong I love the loss, even though I'm not trying to lose anymore.. I just want to understand what my body is doing so I can keep my motivation for excercising going..

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