Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 Today's wt  193 ( but dr's office had me at 19, which us the first time that has happened, they usuallly have me 2 to 3 pds heavier because of course they weigh me with clothes on ).

Today I visited my P.A or my fill lady as I call her.. All is well, no fill  today.. I have lost 20 pds in the 5 weeks since last visit, so she say's keep doing what I am doing and instead of coming back in the 4 to 6 weeks  (that they usually recommend) I don't have to come back until Sept. She said if I feel  like I need her before then, then by all means call, but since everything is fine I'm good to go..  I am really happy.. I don't know if I'm in the zone or sweet spot some talk about. I have talked with my P.A a lot about that.She has told me time and time again that the biggest mistake ppl have with the band is relying to much on it. She say's ppl wait and want the band to do all the work and she say's the band can't do that. It can help you, but it can't do it all. So that's what I've tried to do. Not rely on it. When I'm hungry between meal time, I move, I read, I go for a walk, I call someone and before you know it I realize I wasn't that hungry to begin with and it's already close to my meal time. It's amazing how your mind works. I don't focus on food anymore ( or at least try not to) . I am lucky that I don't have little ones at home anymore so I don't have to cook for them and actually now I don't cook at all. My husband goes shopping with me now.  He buys what he wants to eat and I buy what I eat, he cooks his food and I cook mine.. I can't believe how everything he eats comes out of box, like pizza, pasta, tv dinners etc and he has lost wt, it's so unfair.. I would never be able to eat what he eats and loose like him, never..   We talked about this when I was going through the process. I told him that this was going to be all about me and I wasn't going to cook for him and look a food I know longer can eat.. He was fine with it, even though he  misses my cooking.. I hope at some point when I have all this figured out and can control my food better that I will be able to go back to cooking and  making healthier choices..

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