Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday 5/29/12

sorry, I've not written in a few days. But hubby was off these last 4 day's and we just hung out together..

Wt is still the same Wt 188.5.. I seem to go up .5 go down .5.. It will be like this for a week, at least I hope and then I will go down.. I think I go at least 6 days being the same wt, then I move.. Exspeically now that warm weather has hit.. The hotter it is the more water I retain..   I really want to get down to 175 before I leave for Mt at the end of July.. I've not mentioned before that I'm leaving to go be with my daughter as she is having a baby.. We will be having a grand son soon, so we are all excited.. We already have a grand daughter and she is truly amazing, so we are so lucky we now will have a grandson.. anyway, my daughter knows nothing about my wt loss. We skype all the time, but she hasn't mentioned anything.. I so want to surprise her.. I will probably tell her all about the band when I see her, but then again, who knows...  I'm not ashamed or anything, but sure don't want anyone being worried or anything so we will see what happens..

We had a very quiet memorial day.. We didn't do much, we didn't even bbq.. THe weather is has been hot and muggy so we felt like wet noodles for most the weekend, so neither one of us wanted to do much.. I really don't know how I'm going to keep up excercising in this heat??? I felt so sick after my work out yesterday, I couldn't stand it.. I try and make sure I have all my work out stuff done by 11 am so it's not all that bad, but being from Europe I just don't enjoy this kind of weather at all, actually I hate it. I've been lucky since moving to the U.S to live in states that aren't that bad for really hot weather.. I've lived in N. Ca., Washington State, Hawaii, Ill which could get hot, but not like here. The humidity is bloody awful!!  Awful I say!!  and I'm so ready to move. Anyway, I will keep excercising and hope it doesn't get the best of me..

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