Sunday, May 20, 2012

The beginning!!

Well, today is my first day blogging. Let me get a few things out first.. I'm not a great speller or my grammer isn't the best, but I will do my best and if it doesn't meet up to your standards, in advance, sorry!

I was lapband on 2/08/12, so my journey is fairly new..  My heavest wt was 264 and my wt the day of surgery was 250. As of my surgery date I now weight 196.. I still have a way to go, but I know I will get there..  I don't have any real tricks other then I listen to my dr. my p.a. and my dietican and I don't go off track. As much as I would love to, I don't!   I eat on small plates, I eat 1/2 cup of food per meal and I have 1 snack in the evening at 8 pm ( which is usually WW string cheese ).  I eat no pasta, bread, rice, or sugar.. Is it hard? hell yes!!  but I knew what I was getting into before I started. Those were my condition before I was banded and my agreement to myself that if I was going to do this, then I would listen to what my surgerical team said and not deveate from it.  It has been hard a times, but the more the weeks go on the easier it gets.. I feel so much better, I move better, I'm happier, and that's what counts. I've had 2 fills with a total of 2.5cc filled so far.. It's not much, but it works for me. I want this to be about me not my band. I don't want to rely on my band for making me full, I want to stop eating when I've eating my portion. The band can not make me excercise, which I do 5 to 6 days a week for an hour. The band can't put healthy, good for me foods into my mouth only I can do that. This is up to me to fix, not my band.. The band is my tool, it's there if I really really need it, but instead of eating a whole plate of food, I now can eat 1/2 cups of food and feel good about it and not be too hungry after. Do I get hungry?? yeah! sometimes I do, but I usually will drink something, or go do something, and by the time I've finished the drink or finish what I'm doing I find I'm not hungry after all..

So my advice to all those out there.. Listen to your team of dr's. I know full well that not all lapband dr's say the same thing, that's ok.. Do what yours says so they can work with you and help you..

I wish all out there well on your journey.. 
and we can do this together..

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