Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Today's wt 194.
Happy with that but will see what tomorrows wt is before I get to excited.. I take a water pill every other day, so the day's I do take it I lose more then the day's  I  don't.

I see my P.A tomorrow so I know she will be happy with my results because the last time I saw her I was 211 and that was on 4/20 do I've lost 17 pounds in almost 1 month, awesome!!   I know I am working real hard at it, but I've also noticed the smaller I'm becoming the faster the wt is coming off.. I was losing from the beginning about 10 per month. I seem to be losing a bit faster now, which is great. I will have to wt and see what next month brings me..

I've read a few wt loss blogs talking about telling family members or not about their band..
I haven't told anyone except my hubby and mother.. My mother I told 2 weeks after having the band.. I wish I never said anything to her, because my mother and I have this love, hate relationship going.. I was brought up that little girls are seen but not heard, but that just wasn't me. I wanted to be heard and made it a point to be heard. My mother  has no filter on her mouth so she can be very hurtful without ever really knowing it.. When she hurts me or say's something that bothers me, I let her know which of course always ends up in a fight. Because she is the mother and I am the daughter and what she say's goes..  She was mad at me for not telling her about my surgery. Which I told her I didn't what any Criticism  from her or anyone and that this was my decision and mine alone.  I told my hubby I was having it, I also told him not to say anything. I checked into it, I researched and researched and this is what I choose to do, so he was not allowed to say anything. I know that sounds mean, but he understood and trusted me to make the right decision for me..  Anyway, within  1 day of telling my mom the you couldn't have done this on your own came out and I went crazy.. I told her that this was exactly why I didn't want to tell her to start with and that if she continued to say things like this, we were done.. I just can't play this game with her anymore. I'm to old, to tired, to do this with her and I just good things in my life.. I want the criticism gone out of my life and she is huge part of that criticism, I've never felt good enough with her,so it's time for it all to stop.

So how many told family members?? Friends?? Co workers?? 

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