Saturday, June 9, 2012


Hi Everyone!!

Sorry, it's been awhile.. I had a real bad sinus infection and then I had dr. appts regarding some bloodwork I got back.. I seem to be having a problem with my Thyroid, who knew?? Not me!! I feel great.. I still have some more bloodwork, but my dr. said it's hyperthyroidism , not hypo, so again who knew?? I'm hoping it is from my sinus infection or something viral.. I had a terrible sore throat and glands were swollen for about 2 weeks, but when I went to dr, he said it was part of the sinus infection. I went to another dr. who took blood and it came back with funky TSH.. My dr. said it could be viral so going to get more work done on friday.

My wt is 182. Which has slowed down some. Part is the heat.. I always retain water bad during the summer so I think the wt will slow down some for awhile..  But, I'm still losing and that's all that matters..

I hope every has a great weekend..

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