Monday, June 25, 2012


Hi guys!!  Again sorry  I've not posted much, but been having some health issues.. Band is doing fine, but now I have something wrong with my thyroid..  I'm going in tomorrow for a scan.. My dr. say's I have hyperthyroidism, which you would think with that I would be downt to a size 2, but nope wt is coming off very very slow to none..  I've been going up and down with the scale,which I know is all water.. THe heat makes me gain wt, because I retain water. So, today I am 177 and tomorrrow I'm sure I will be 178..  See, thats what I get for whating my first goal to be down to 175. I want to be 175 before I leave to go to my daughter's. That was my first goal. My real goal is 140 to 145, would love to get to 135 but that would just be a bonus..

 I've decided to go in next month and get a small fill. I've been eating my 1/2 cup portions and have not cheated once, but I've have noticed that I seem to want more food after eating then before.. I've also noticed that I'm hungry more and that's something I don't want.. I 've taken away 1 protein shake a day ( dr. said I should ) but I've not been able to make those calories up. Which concerns me. I've been eating less then 500 calories a day since taking away the protein shake so I don't want to eat that little.. Now with that said. I don't count my crystral light caloris or added calories like butter spray's, o/o, etc so I add an additonal 100 per day for those. So really I'm  eating around 500 to 600 per day. My dr. said nothing under 600 calories per day, so I really need to make up about 160 to 180 cal.  I've ordered some protein bars on line, so I hope they are good. I'm meeting my protein goals, 70 to 76 g per day so that's good.
I looked on line for the lowest calorie protein bars I could find and those were simple bars. They are 160 per bar which should fill in that 160 I miss from my protein shake. THey of course don't have the 30 gr of protein like the shake but they do have 16 gr so that's still good.  I got the variety pk so I sure hope I find one I like.. My dr. said I need solid food instead of the liquid. Since liquid is empty calories for band ppl.. So I'm working in trying to do everything exactly the way she wants me too..

I feel totally great though.. Little concerned over the thyroid but find it more weird then anything else. I've have fine labs all the way up to March.. My March labs came back completely fine which was 6 weeks after my surgery, then had labs done in end of May (new dr. ) they should something up with my thyroid, had then repeated in June to double check and they still showed thyroid off.. I asked if it could be the wt loss. I've had a fast wt loss in an short time and wondered if it could have sent my thyroid off, of course she didn't know. So, I've decided to see my fill dr. and she if she has any answers, but in the mean time I will take all the tests needed to get down to the bottom of what's going on..

Have a great week!

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